::Department of Mathematics::

Departmental Profile :


The Department of Mathematics has started functioning since the inception of the College i.e 1995. This Department is one of the important Departments of the college. The academic programme of the department is according to the curriculum designed by the Gauhati University. There is a departmental library from which the students get the facility of reading various books available for enhancement of their knowledge. At present the department has four members as the teaching faculty.

Wall Magazine:

There is a Wall Magazine named “Mathematica” placed in front of the department .The Relevant topics and N S S are published and displayed in the Magazine for readers.


The Department of Mathematics offers Major course and general course upto B.Sc level through semester system under Gauhati University. Apart from this Professors are involved in Engineering and remedial coaching regularly.

Departmental Activities

  • 1. The Department usually observes Freshman Social Day

  • 2. The Department celebrates “Ramanujan Day” every year to mark the occasion of great mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan’s birthday.

  • 3. Organizes UGC sponsored National Seminar.

  • 4. Organizes Departmental Seminar on various topics.

  • 5. Departmental quiz among the students are usually organized.

  • 6. Field trip to various places as educational tour, are also arranged every year.

  • 7. Participates in inter-departmental model making competition.